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This page covers P/N 91801

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KIT NO. 12.0/HP Item Description
1 91838   S/P Geartrain 156:1
    1 SHCS, 10-24 x 2.25"
    (2) S/P End Housing
    4 Sun Gear
    5 Drive Shaft
    6 Carrier Assy, Stage 1
    7 Carrier Assy, Stage 2
    8 Ring Gear, Sliding
    9 Washer, Thrust
    10 Carrier Assy, Stage 3
    11 Drive Spline
    12 Gasket, Housing
    13 Ring Gear
    14 Gasket, Ring Gear
2 91832   S/P End Housing
    1 SHCS, 10-24 x 2.25"
    2 Clutch Lever
    3 End Housing
    8 Ring Gear, Sliding
    12 Gasket, Housing
3 91834   S/P Drum Support, Geartrain
    12 Gasket, Housing
    16 Drum Support, Geartrain
    20 Drum Bushing
    21 Drum Seal
4 74305   S/P Brake Assy
    5 Drive Shaft
    23 Brake Assembly
    24 Brake Driver
    25 Thrust Washer
5 74307   S/P Motor
    42 Gasket, Motor
    52 Motor, 12V
6 91836   S/P Drum Support, Motor
    26 Drum Seal
    27 Drum Bushing
    28 Drum Support, Motor
    29 Gasket, Crankcase
7 91835   S/P Crankcase Assy
    29 Gasket, Crankcase
    39 Lever, Mode
    40 Crankcase Assembly
    42 Gasket, Motor
8 75524   S/P Compressor Head Assy
    33 Crossover Tube
    34 SHCS, 10-24 x 3.5", MAGNI515
    35 Reed Assembly
    36 Gasket, Compressor
    37 Compressor Head
    38 Compressor Cylinder
9 91818   Contactor Upgrade
    43 Wire Harness
    44 Contactor Mount
    45 Contactor
    46 Separator
    47 Busbars
    48 Receptacle Bracket
    49 Remote Receptacle
    50 Remote Receptacle Dust Cover
    51 Hose Clamp
10 91822   Fastener Upgrade Kit
    1 SHCS, 10-24 x 2.25", SS (Geartrain)
    34 SHCS, 10-24 x 3.50", MAGNI515 (Comp. Head)
    55 SHCS, 10-24 x 1.75", SS (Cover)
    56 SHCS, 10-24 x 1.25", SS (Cover)
    57 SHCS, 10-24 x 1.00", SS (Cover)


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In some cases, two versions of a part may be available, such as a 12V or 24V option.  In these cases, the second option description is shown inside ( ) parenthesis along with the phrase "call us to order."  Clicking on the item number will add the first option part to your shopping cart. If you want to order the part option in the parenthesis instead, please call us. 

Some items which appear on the exploded views are not currently listed in the catalog - call us for information if the part you want is not currently catalogued.



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91838 S/P Geartrain 156:1 91832 S/P End Housing 91834 S/P Drum Support, Geartrain 74305 S/P Brake Assy 74307 S/P Motor 91836 S/P Drum Support, Motor 91835 S/P Crankcase Assy 75524 S/P Compressor Head Assy 91818 Contactor Upgrade 91822 Fastener Upgrade Kit 13874 Sun Gear 28430 Carrier Assy, Stage 1 73710 Drive Shaft 84028 Carrier Assy, Stage 2 13826 Washer, Thrust 28432 Carrier Assy, Stage 3 28353 Ring Gear, Sliding 25308 Ring Gear 14584 Drive Spline 75521 S/P Crank-Piston Assy 80266 S/P Compressor Drive Belt 26107 Drum 74314 S/P Drum Seals 74313 S/P Wire Rope, 3/8" x 80' with Thimble 5742 Roller Fairlead 83653 S/P PowerPlant Remote 91222 Contactor (for use with upgraded contactor assembly only) 33295 Power Cable 15901 Ground Cable 91687 Wire Harness (for use with upgraded contactor assembly only) 72935 Quick Disconnect 72098 Intercooler Weldment 91649 Pressure Switch 91507  Remote Receptacle Dust Cover (for use with upgraded contactor assembly only) 91831 S/P Top Cover 91824  S/P Mode Cover 91839 S/P Front Cover 12