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16.5ti 16,500 lb. Winch

This page covers P/N 68801 Serial No. 920301 and up

Wireless Remote Receiver Module P/N 77825
Wiring Harness P/N 76087


Welcome to the next generation of winch remote controls. The new WARN remote incorporates an improved ergonomic design and intuitive features that help operators better navigate through winching operations.

WARN S2 (Smart Sense) elements, such as an instinctive rocker switch with an elevated dimple on Power-Out and a recessed dimple on Power-In, and a high-impact polymer grip allow operators to pay more attention to the winching situation rather than the remote. By using the sense of feel, rather than sight, operators can confirm the winch line's direction without relying on the visual cues on the remote handle.

PN 83658

An increased control surface area on the remote allows for easy use while wearing gloves.



The WARN Wireless Control System lets you
operate your truck's winch remotely from
up to 50' away. The system will work with
any WARN winch with a 5-wire electrical

The system is easy to install and a cinch to use. For
easy installation, the Wireless Control System comes
with a receiver with an internal antenna, and all of the
necessary mounting hardware. The receiver is potted for
extreme resistance to water and the elements. The
weather-proof transmitter has two large buttons that make it
easy to operate, even while wearing gloves, and its two-color LED provides operator feedback.

When installed, the system is simple to operate. To begin activation, hold down both buttons on the transmitter for five seconds until the two-color LED turns green. This indicates the system has been activated. To begin the winching process, hold down the power-in or power-out buttons, and the LED will turn red, showing that winching is in process. The LED will blink if the transmitter's battery is low. System automatically turns off to conserve battery life.

With the WARN Wireless Control System, you can now operate your winch with no strings (or wires) attached.

PN 90287 Wireless Control System for WARN Truck/SUV winches

Roller Fairlead assy, P/N 61956 S/P, Control Pack, PN 68774 Label, Model Identifier, 16.5ti - not currently catalogued; please call us.  P/N 68646 Housing, Assy, Control, 16.5ti P/N 68776 Thrust Washer, Nylon P/N 13826 Tie Rod, P/N 32408 Drum Assy. P/N 15466 Button head capscrew, P/N 16064 Wire rope assy, 7/16X90 ft. P/N 61950 Hook, clevis, 1/2 in. Safety P/N 32423 Thrust Washer, Nylon P/N 13826 Brake assy, P/N 32456 Driver, Brake, Wide Tang P/N 60730 Cable assy, 72 in. Red P/N 33295 Drum Support, motor end P/N 68772 Bolt P/N 60451 Gasket, Motor, not currently catalogued; please call us.  P/N 63533 Motor, 12V BIC, W/TPD P/N 68773 Capscrew, not currently catalogued; please call us.  P/N 26744 Cable assy, Black, 72 in. P/N 15901 Drive shaft, 12.023X.312, not currently catalogued, please call us.  P/N 67970 Drum support, gear train end, includes items 8 & 9, P/N 68770 S/P Radial oil seal P/N 17150 Bolt, P/N 60451 Gasket, P/N 14964 Ring gear, output stage P/N 68769 Label, 16.5ti, warning, not currently catalogued, please call us. P/N 68648 Carrier assy, stage 3, P/N 65933 Gasket, P/N 14964 Carrier assy, stage 2 P/N 61738 Carrier assy, stage 1, P/N 61739 Sun gear, 12 tooth, P/N 32437 Gear Housing, P/N 68771 Capscrew, P/N 15603 Remote with thermometric indicator P/N WAR83658 1 Roller and 2 Bushings, P/N WAR69903 Wireless Control System, P/N 76080

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